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You might not always have time to sit down and meditate. But you can still do a simple meditation technique to help manage stress triggers throughout your day, and to help you sleep better. Join meditation guide, Mary Meckley, as she shares a different meditation technique every single day customized around a weekly theme to explore a particular topic in-depth. Each week you're introduced to a brand new meditation series. Each day you learn how to do a particular meditation technique. And because Mary believes it's not just meditation... it's a lifestyle... she shares a lifestyle tip in each episode. Sunday: Visualization Technique + Reflection on the past week Monday: Affirmation Technique + Mindset for the new week Tuesday: Breathing Technique + Healthy Body Tip Wednesday: Mudra Technique + Feed Your Spirit Tip Thursday: Chakra Technique + Productivity Tip Friday: Review the Week's Techniques + Herbal Tea + Fun Saturday: Walking Meditation + Relationship tip Mary answers your meditation questions, and provides guidance as you sit down to meditate with her each day. So whether you're seated getting ready to meditate, or right smack in the busiest part of your day, you can apply the techniques Mary shares with you right away.
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Jul 27, 2017

Discover the 4 "A's" of acceptance to allow yourself to reframe stress in your life.

This is part 4 of a 7-Part Reframe Stress Meditation series Episodes 1143-1149.

As always, you don't have to do the meditation techniques -- they are simply there to help you transition from your busy day to a state of stillness. The techniques also help to calm "monkey mind," when your thoughts continuously interrupt your meditation.

For free meditation tools to help you start meditating please head over to my website at, and there you'll find a multitude of free resources to help you on your Meditation Journey.

Sample from a selection of resources including:

*a Free Private Facebook Group to connect with meditators from around the world

*a Free Meditation Bundle to get started meditating

*a Free Sleep Technique to Sleep Better

*a Free Instant Calm Breathing Technique

*a Free Guide to Get Started Meditating.

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