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A meditation guide by your side. Join Mary Meckley 7-days a week to sleep better, reduce anxiety, feel more confident, improve mental focus, and experience more joy in your life.

Jun 30, 2020

It's often the little things you do each day that contribute to massive long-term growth. Adapting to life during a pandemic and economic, social, and political disruption requires you to approach your life in new ways. This week you'll explore little ways to create major breakthroughs in how you manage your reaction to stress. Have I mentioned how much I honor all you're doing for yourself? It takes courage to show up for yourself each day. Never underestimate the power of the inner peace you are creating for yourself and the world. 

This is part 3 of a 7-part Stress Breakthroughs, episodes 2076-2082.

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Resources: Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and Greg Keller.