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A meditation guide by your side. Join Mary Meckley 7-days a week to sleep better, reduce anxiety, feel more confident, improve mental focus, and experience more joy in your life.

Aug 28, 2020

Being able to evaluate your emotional highs and lows is one of the best ways to manage stress. This helps you settle restless thoughts as you go to sleep.
Join us in part 7 of this week's sleep series. You'll discover the fourth step of a 7-part sleep FORMULA to help you sleep better at night.
Does sleep seem to evade you these days? Some health experts consider a lack of sleep to be an international epidemic. As long as there aren't any health reasons that prevent you from a good night's sleep, sleeping well at night is often attributed to healthy lifestyle habits. Yet, there's an often-overlooked reason you may not be sleeping well at night. It has more to do with how you manage your emotions. In this week's series, you'll explore a special Sleep FORMULA to get to help you get to the root cause of what may be keeping you up at night.
This is part 7 of a 7-part Sleep Formula meditation series episodes 2089-2095.
Keep a Sleep Diary. Each morning, record how well you slept. Each evening, record how you feel emotionally.
Affirmation - "I am safe. I am sound."
Breathing - Inhale: "I am safe." Exhale: "I am sound."
Mudra - Pran Mudra
Chakra - 5th - at throat - inner truth
Herb - Chamomile - sleep + relaxation
Yoga Asana - Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Facing Dog

This is part 7 of a 7-part Sleep Formula meditation series episodes 2089-2095.

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Resources: Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and Greg Keller.